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Orcas Senior Center has the perfect Virtual Volunteer opportunity, and we need you! Sign Up @

In these uncertain times of isolation and social distancing, we must be proactive if we are to remain connected to one another, our families, friends and community. At Heart and Hands, we are dedicated to that action, but we can’t do it without community volunteers. The need is great, the duration is short, and the impact is personal.

You can be a virtual volunteer from home with nothing but a phone and computer or smart phone. Email to sign up to call seniors, be a friendly voice, and ask each senior if they would like a buddy to check in on them at least once a week. Record the information and your volunteer time online. Simple, virtual, meaningful.

We will ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement, and that you make calls in within 48 hours of being assigned each list of seniors. A phone and computer, or smart phone, is all that is required for this virtual volunteer task. You’ll be assigned more calls if you are willing, and, oh, how we do need you!

This is an opportunity to help your community, from the safety of home, while we all face uncertain times. Your contribution will make a difference in someone’s day, and could even, possibly, save a life. It is with a true sense of urgency that we are reaching out to all our seniors on Orcas Island. For 14 years, non-profit Orcas Senior Center volunteers have provided in-home companionship visits to seniors and disabled adults on Orcas Island. The Orcas community has mobilized to substantially increase food and meal deliveries, as well as home deliveries of other essentials. Buddy check is a crucial adjustment to remain connected to seniors in our community.

The non-profit Orcas Senior Center will be working closely with San Juan County’s Senior Services staff and others to identify the highest risk individuals, and to design an expanded program for checking in during the COVID-19 response period. We will then scale up the program using the platform to identify volunteers who are willing to assist us in making sure that all seniors’ needs are met through this prolonged period of social distancing and self-isolation. Please look for more information about this program on our website, where we will post updates as the program evolves.


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