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This site is designed to organize community preparedness and recovery on Orcas Island, Washington.

Residents can request help or sign up to donate and volunteer by clicking on the buttons above. Your information and offerings will be shown only to vetted organizations helping in the community. If you request help or sign up to donate or volunteer, you will be contacted by a local organization that can help you or that needs help.

Organizations can post their services, request resources, and access the databases of needs, donations, and volunteers by clicking on “I Represent a Local Organization” above.

This site was started by the Orcas Island Community Foundation but it is managed by local organizations in the community. It does not belong to OICF.

If you have questions about this site, you can contact Megan Neal at OICF. 360-376-6423 or megan@oicf.us. For purely technical questions, try Joe at joethoron@oicf.us.


What's with the volunteer waiver? Recovers.org is offered as a free service by a non-profit in Massachusetts. They have a mandatory waiver you have to agree to if you want to volunteer or get help through the system. If you don't want to be bound by the recovers.org waiver, please don't use this website to volunteer. None of the organizations on Orcas have any ability to control the contents of the waiver. A local organization may also ask you to sign their waiver.


  • You can edit your volunteer information. Just sign back into the site and it will show you what you put in the boxes before. Change whatever you need to change, then click the blue button.

    JoeThoron "(about 1 year ago)"
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